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samm, samm for potus 2016, we the people

SAMM for POTUS in 2020. We the People’s President.

Sheila Tittle, of WE THE PEOPLE and commonly known as SAMM, has been a successful business woman most of her life, going back to her earliest age of recollection, where she worked for her affluent Spanish grandparents in Albuquerque, New Mexico. However SAMM personally grew up in an underprivileged home in El Paso, Texas, which turned out for her; a very rich environment. Her mother was of an Aristocrat “Blue blood” Spanish Family, Don and Dona Gaspar Garcia, whose family was asked by the United States Government to come to the United States to begin, build, and nurture a Spanish influence of growth. This is the backdrop of her respect for all people of Spanish & Latin culture as well as all walks of life and their cultures and traditions. Her Maternal family members originated and grew up in the Apache and Navajo Indian tribes. The fact that SAMM was not so privileged, knowing what it is and what it was like to “be without” re-enforces her understanding of many people’s plight in becoming part of, “We the People“, of the United States.

samm, samm for potus 2016, we the people

We the People for President in 2020. SAMM. America’s Choice

SAMM executed extreme physical work, at a very young age, during long hot summer days for her Uncles Nick and Gaspar Garcia, who have been the influential developers and builders of the homes in the surrounding area of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. While SAMM was just “a little girl” she carried adobe bricks, in an assembly line to those that were laying those adobe bricks for the foundations of what they were developing. Residential and Commercial Building. Her Uncles Nick & Gaspar Garcia, and family were instrumental in the growth of many of the quaint architectural buildings, shops and restaurants in Albuquerque, New Mexico and were the Owners of a substantial amount of properties in Historic Old Town Square, overlooked by San Felipe Catholic Church in Albuquerque. Samm’s Grandfather Nick and his Sons Nick & Gaspar Garcia were and will always be the predominant influence in what those entities and the great State of New Mexico proudly are today.

Her Grandfather Marcos Telles on her Father’s side was born in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, while her Paternal Grandmother Isidra Telles was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. Marcos immigrated to the United States, relocated, and then transplanted his family. Samm grew up with her proud United States Navy Veteran father, First Generation American, Armando Marcos Telles and her mother Lita Garcia Telles in El Paso, Texas within five minutes of the Mexican border. Proud to be the Second Generation American, she believed in her Father and Mother’s Patriotism, learning, then loving it at a very young age. Her love of country before family ensured this: “Their Country” will go on. She loves and cherishes this great United States of America, not for what she can take from it, but what she can give to it. Her experience in this “best of both worlds” has been her foundation in understanding the difficulties of “the poor” to the “aspiring successful entrepreneur” being able to relate to all immigrants finding and then making their way in the United States, as she and her family have done.

SAMM attended NOVA, also taking several courses through George Mason University; and is an El Paso High School Graduate, after graduating from St. Patrick’s Parochial School from her elementary days. Her continuing education is extensive through many different courses as she has aspired and worked through her successful business experiences, while holding together her family. She is widowed after being married for twenty three years to the same man, her first business partner; and is mother to one son, who is also a successful businessman in his own right today.

samm, samm for potus 2016, we the people

We the People’s President in 2020. SAMM = Saving America’s Majesty for Millions.

SAMM has demonstrated, through her business and business acumen over the years, her bold desire to be an asset to the growth of the United States. She knows that if we run the government like a well-oiled business, America can regain her solid prosperity for all. SAMM enjoys business and realizes that it is now necessary, more than ever before, to enforce the work of the men and women of the Senate, the House of Representatives and all Government workers to contribute and correct the welfare, meaning well being, of this country.

Years of that bold desire to be an asset to the growth of the United States have included working in positions such as: laborer, waitress, typing clerk, bookkeeper, warehouse clerk, janitor, insurance underwriting, emergency road service dispatcher, secretary, administrative assistant, diplomatic ambassador. In association with Government Contracting she was required to hold a Security Clearance for her work in the import/export part of that business. She also was an administrative stenographer, job placement agent, supervisor, manager, circuit court interpreter, a para-legal, and she worked in sales & marketing.

In highlighting some of the positions Samm has filled like you, “the backbone of America”, throughout her years of employment they are: owner operator of various companies including an employment agency, a residential & commercial cleaning service, a product distribution and services business, and a lending institution under federal, state, and county laws and regulations; with eleven years of solid “hands on” experience. She fully knows, with her years of well rounded “hands on experience“, that she will undoubtedly best serve others as a Public Servant to the people in the United States through the Presidency; thereby being elected in 2020. She knows with her experience, further including that of creating jobs for others, along with her dedication while employed in some of the toughest industries, sometimes pretty dirty jobs; just how hard it is to make ends meet and how tired we all become at the end of the work day; especially when you are working two jobs.

samm, samm for potus 2016, we the people


SAMM is able to answer some of the toughest and sometimes most complicated questions of “how to”. In several of her recruiting positions, her ability to realize potential employees’ strengths and weaknesses to fill positions in large Law firms, Accounting firms and Engineering firms, small companies and Corporations with different departments has proven most valuable. It was her task to find, recruit then interview, checking references, and then hiring at all levels of professional executives, engineers, drafting, administrative, and technical staff, even janitorial staff.

Significant in her successful accomplishments, which helps you know SAMM has been the Owner Operator of several companies that she and her partner created then opened, creating jobs for themselves, sometimes after finding themselves unemployed. They then created jobs for several hundreds of others. Whenever there came a time when SAMM was unemployed, solving the problem became effectively starting and advancing successful businesses. Through the years with hard work, blood, sweat and tears, she helped many people both by employing them, then providing affordable services for the community. SAMM’s successes include a Residential & Commercial Cleaning Company from scratch, start to finish. She actually physically worked with the Cleaning Company performing hard labor until she was able to hire others to finish projects. Then she worked at an Employment Agency for both Labor Force and Executive Management, a Products & Distribution Company servicing such companies as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Giant, Safeway & other Grocery Stores, shoe stores and other outlets. She owned and operated a Lending Firm for eleven years responsible to Federal, State, City and County Laws & Regulations. SAMM was closely associated with and responsible to ATF, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms regarding the Sale of Weapons under Federal & State Laws, and always in compliance. She fully realizes for herself and others; that “A Country without Jobs means a Country without a Prospering Contributing Middle Class.” Her first priority in the position of the Presidency is to create those jobs, understanding that every person with a job is a contributing person, supporting their neighbor’s well being while effectively maintaining theirs.

Through SAMM’S being born into an Immigrant Father and Mother’s love of country, love of people, dedication and service to the Constitution of the United States, Samm finds herself following in their footsteps, with even a stronger Patriotism. Samm considers herself a stern Constitutional Conservative based on her absolute strong sound conservative philosophy that enriches America and her people, intended for them by the Founding Fathers. The Founding Fathers were very aware that our Nation had to remain a strong Republic with limited government, and responsibility going to the states. States participating in the growth of this Country means doing their part to bring about future growth to the United States, not grow the Government. Samm believes philosophically: “A Government that gets too big for it’s own good, is a Government gone bad.”

SAMM is a firm and solid opponent of excess and wasteful government spending, and these are not just clichés to her. She believes: “Who doesn’t know that WASTE and FRAUD must be dealt with, then stopped.” She knows how to create jobs, thereby increasing the bottom line for the U.S. Economy. Immediately upon entering office SAMM will implement her plan, re-instituting the foundation for getting this prosperous country back on track. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!