SEARCHING high and low and all around our Homeland for State Captains who will be in charge at the State level of incorporating and training plus establishing representatives that will be able to eventually place “WE THE PEOPLE” represented by SAMM onto the State Ballots then onto the General Election Ballots in each particular State. Here is your Opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself for you and your children.

Our Ballot Representatives will also be trained in their respective positions in order to prepare documents for the signature requirements for all states in the Our United States. You are a BIG PLUS when you have EXPERIENCE getting us way ahead of all the others.

Be the one to apply for State Captain, Assistant Captain and our need for Foot Soldiers is never ending and so much fun!

EMAIL us at SAMM@SAMM2020.com ~ CALL us at (202) 316-6278

Have knowledge of our Constitution and American History; even it is just a period which sometimes is the most important to all of us. It would also be beneficial if you or someone in your family has served in any branch of our Military. We are looking for every Soldier who realize that they have fought to “Preserve, Protect & Defend” Our Constitution; and know that it is Our Duty to continue Service if we are to “Save America” for our Children’s Children. State Captains will be Volunteers with some paid Positions; depending on how good you believe you are. This is it! … and you know it. We need strong-minded, able bodies, ready to work Patriots to fill these positions as we fight to get our Nation’s History restored and our Constitution reinstated at the highest levels of Integrity and Pride. Thank you for your LOVE FOR GOD, COUNTRY and your Brothers & Sisters who share your “Red White & Blue” interests. We “One of Us for All of Us” are asking you to come in from out of the dark places in our Country into the Light. Our Tent is BIG ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE OF US. That’s right! YOU YOU and YOU!
JOIN US RIGHT THIS MINUTE! We are waiting for your earliest call now. DIAL (202) 316-6278